Save your money: Cute Hair Clips

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Hey Beauties!

How is everyone holding up in quarantine? I must say that things weren’t too bad up until this week my almost six month old is on a whole new level! I am hoping it is just a wonder week…because I am tired and my ears hurt!

So, I have been really in to cute hair clips for a while it is something that I can use to dress up or style my short hair. The clips that I have been really into are sparkly, diamond accents, pearls, marble, and rose gold. I was purchasing these clips and barrettes off of Forever21 in singles or trio packs for about $5.99 each.

Well, let me help you save some money and not make the same mistakes that I did! I just purchased 3 sets off of Amazon for a total of 50 pieces for $26.50. There are only a few of the pieces that I do not like, but they are almost an exact, if not exact dupe of the items sold from Forever21!

Below is an image of some of the pieces that were dupes (same quality and same look). The top row is from Amazon and the bottom row are pieces from Forever21! The Forever 21 pearl barrette is exactly the same, but was almost 6 dollars by itself. The identical pearl barrette from Amazon came in a mixed set of 10 pieces for $8.50!

Below are the links of the products bought from Amazon:




Thank you for stopping by! Are you into these type of barrettes?



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