My homecoming bucket list

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Hey Beauties!

The countdown has begun! I will finally be returning home in January and I am getting so excited!  I have started creating a “bucket list” of things that I am looking forward to doing when I get home.  Here are some of my ideas.

  1. Taking River bear beauty shopping and to get her ears pierced!
  2. Date night with the Booberry (my husband)
  3. Visiting family in Shreveport!
  4. Seeing my cuddle babies and cuddling them!
  5. Vegas with the Booberry for our 6 year wedding anniversary
  6. Movie dates with River bear and we are going to watch hocus pocus!
  7. Family photos
  8. Girl’s night in Lubbock
  9. Crossfit gym membership
  10. Trying the Keto diet for a month
  11. Day drinking Moscow mules and smashing taco bell
  12. Winery with friends or date with husband
  13. Karaoke party (where only I sing…by myself…with day drinking)
  14. Organizing my beauty room
  15. Going through all clothes and donating
  16. Actually putting photos in photo albums
  17. Target, Ulta, Sephora…
  18. Starting my Youtube channel
  19. Getting contacts!
  20. Cooking!  I am excited to meal prep!
  21. Family vacation planning!
  22. Taking River on a trip to see my dad, stepmom, and sister.  (will be her first plane ride she will remember!)

The things I am looking forward to the most are hugging my family and spending quality time with them, visiting home, hanging out with friends, being with my pups, and taco bell and day drinking (haha).

What do you guys look forward to when you are away from home for a longtime?!




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