Christmas Drugstore Wishlist

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Hey Beauties!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  Today’s post is a follow-up of my Christmas beauty wish list, but everything on this list is drugstore or drugstore priced.

E.l.f. has some new products

The metallic flare highlighters look so pretty!  They are described as creating a “multidimensional, high-luster glow with this metallic powder highlighter.”  There are four shades and they are $6 each.  I think that ¾ of the shades are too dark for me, but I am living for the shade white gold.  Below are the swatches from the elf website the bottom last shade is white gold.

elf higligt

They also have 4 new luminous blushes.  I think these are beautiful!  I am not sure how these would look or how they pick up on the brush.  I almost scared from the swatches that they are too pigmented, but they are only $6.  There are four shades, the reviews are good, but since its new there are only 3 reviews.

elf blushes

Lastly, they just came out with the poreless putty primer ($8).  So, I am interested in this primer because many people are saying that it is a dupe/very similar to the Tatcha silk canvas face primer ($52).  I have had it in my cart multiple times and many high profile youtubers rave about it; however it is $52.  If it was the best primer in the world and you could not detect a single pore I would pay up to $100 for it! HAHA, but I really wanted to sample it in stores before I made the jump.  Since, people are saying this is a dupe I am interested in seeing how good this primer is, since it is less of an investment.

elf primer

I love the physician’s formula bronzers and I thought the highlighters were pretty nice too.  I have yet to try the butter blushes, but they are releasing two new blushes and a sculpting bronzer.  I am always look for cool toned bronzers to help sculpt my chubby face –haha-.  The two new blush shades are called copper cabana and beachy peach.  The shades look metallic and have a nice glow I would probably use these as toppers.  They are from the spring 2019 collection and I am unsure when the release dates are or the prices, but I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

pf blush bronzer

Lastly, colourpop has so many things out that I find interesting.

  1. Glitterally Obsessed glitters- These look so cool there was a bunch of controversy surrounding this because they are very similar to an indie brand (Lemonhead LA) and whether or not it was a rip-off of their glitter. So, I bought a few of the Lemonhead LA ones to support the indie brand and now I will also try the Colourpop ones.

glitterally obsessed

  1. Mar and sol palettes or Lit and wet palettes. These are very similar palette sets one in each set is a blue/green/brown palette and the other is more of an orange/brown/red palette. They are very similar, but I kind of want them all…I do not have any actual palette from this brand (I don’t think).  So, I am excited to see the quality and pigmentation of these.  Do any of you own these?


  1. Jelly much shadows. I am really interested in trying these!  I am interested in trying a different texture and formula!  The colors are gorgeous.

jelly much

What drugstore items are you looking forward to purchasing?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!



***Since, I do not have the products.  I used pictures from the elf website and from Trendmood’s Instagram***

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