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Hey Beauties!

Well it is that time of year again, where I am asked what I want for Christmas.  It gets awkward because I am almost 30 and I feel greedy.  I know that I would be happy with a gift card from Amazon, Ulta, Forever21, or Sephora because I know that they will be used!  I mentioned in a previous wish list that I really want a nice cannon DSLR camera which I will be saving and purchasing early next year.  That is the top thing that I am wanting.

As far as beauty products there is always something new that I want some current items that I am dying for are:

  1.  New Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer ($24) in the shade fussy. I love the formulation on these glosses.  They aren’t slimy or sticker and when they use the term universal it is true!  I love the original shade, but I just might like this shade more!

fenty lip

  1. JSC Northern Lights Supreme Highlight Palette ($54): The swatches look beautiful I prefer his original formula, but I am somewhat of a collector of his cosmetics and I am almost never disappointed! I think that a lot of people were disappointed with the Supreme highlighters because they are really glittery and some are toppers, but I think if you are buying it and know this, then it is a good purchase if that is what you are in to.

northern lights

  1. The James Charles palette ($39) from Morphe! I was actually not going to buy it.  Initially, I was not excited about it, but as I watch more videos and read reviews it seems as though it is good quality.  It is a very colorful palette, so I think that I was intimidated by it, but I like the premise of the campaign- “unleash your inner artist”.  Hopeful it will be an inspiring palette.

james charles

  1. The new Huda beauty matte and melted liquid shadows ($25)! I need all of these! I like the concept.  I do not necessarily think that it is new, there are many brands who do something similar like NYX and Revlon.  Which I will talk about in a second, but I love that they are double sided with matte and metallic shades.  The shades are gorgeous, but I think I have seen most of these shades in her palette.  I am interested in using them for quick looks and cut creases and watching videos on them it appears that the matte shades blend beautifully.  Now, these are expensive!  I think if you are undecided on them I would buy one of the other brands first and see if you like the formula and application (if it is easy etc).  The Nyx Lid Lingerie Matte Eye Tint are $3.49 and there are 12 shades.  The reviews on Ulta give it over four stars with 116 reviews.  I have a couple of these, but honestly I am not sure if I even tried them (this was before I ventured into cut creases) and the Revlon photo ready eye art ($9.99) has a cream shadow on one end and a glitter on the other.  I have a bunch of these and I enjoyed the glitter side a lot.  The cream shadows are not matte and take time to dry.  The reviews are mixed on this product.  I think it was pretty decent, but really only used the glitter shades.

huda beauty eye

  1. The new Juvia’s place The Tribe collection- The colors in this eyeshadow palette (greens, blues, oranges, and yellows) are so interesting and I know that the quality will be amazing. There are nine shades and 5 mattes and 4 metallic/shimmers.  So far, everything that I have purchased from the brand has been amazing.  I have about five palettes from the company and a loose highlighter in the shade Nefertiti.  They are also releasing three highlighters.  I plan on purchasing shades 1 &3 ($15), which I think will suit my skin tone and won’t be too dark.  I have yet to try any of their pressed powders.  So, I am interested in the quality.  This brand is definitely something to write about!

juvias tribejuvia hlight

Aside from beauty, I will definitely be purchasing new underwear and bras from Victoria secret and getting rid of all my old, ones that do not fit, and mismatched ones.  I will also purchase another drawer system for my makeup, organizers, and additional lighting system.

Stay tuned for an all drugstore/drugstore priced wishlist for Christmas!

What is on your beauty Christmas wishlist?  Since, I do not have the products (yet!) these pictures are from Trendmood’s Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by!



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