Quick work look with new product first impressions


Hey Beauties!


Make up revolution conceal and define full coverage foundation in the shade F6 ($12)

mrev found

I actually really like this.  It is not absolute favorite, but the color is pretty good match. I am glad that I was able to pick a good shade it is hard online and usually drug store foundations do not have testers.  It has 24 shades and a pretty wide range for lighter skin tones.  I am often the lightest shade in most foundations or the lightest shade is too dark, yellow, or orange.  In this line I was not the lightest shade! I think that it does not look good with a brush, but looks nice with a damp sponge.  When applied lightly it looks really good! BUT if too much used it can look cakey pretty quickly.

catr found

***If you are looking for a similarly priced/better product check out Catrice’s HD liquid Coverage Foundation ($10.99).  I do not have to do all the extra steps and finessing as I have to with the make up revolution foundation.  Ulta only carries four shades of this (not sure if others are sold out); however on the Catrice website they have 18 shades. ***

Iconic London Illuminator in the shade Shine ($40)

IC illum

This is look so good mixed in with the foundation and it gives a great finish!  I also think this product needs to be used lightly.  I over applied it once and my face was like a disco ball!  This color is great for people with my skin tone.  I did get a comment from a Pizza Hut worker.  He asked how I look so glowy!  I told him makeup.  He seemed disappointed!  The color is a pink shimmer, but adds a pearly shine when mixed in to foundation. I also got the shade original (champagne-toned shimmer for golden shine).  This warmed up my foundation and gave a nice glow, it wasn’t too dark for me, but would definitely be my summer shade!


Hour glass veil translucent powder ($46)

hg powder

Gosh I want to love this so much because it was so frickin’ expensive, but it looks so dry and powdery on my face!  The packaging is great and I like the netting.  It doesn’t do bad setting my face, but when I try and set my under eyes-I look like an 80 year old woman.  It looks terrible!  I am really sad about this. Everything else that I have tried from this brand has been expensive, but amazing! Ambient Lighting Powder Ethereal Light ($46) is a beautiful powder it really blurs the skin and highlights.  I would suggest this over the translucent powder.


Iconic London brow ($40)

IC london brows

I really like this product.  It is really easy to use and made my brows look really good.  There is a cool tone and a warm shade inside.  I am not a huge fan of the warm shade, it appears to be unnatural.  But when used sparingly it helps create dimension within the brows.  I got the shade in fair.  It comes in two other shades medium and dark.  The product is pricey (most of this line is).  This brand so far has been very awesome; however ulta.com only has three products on the website.  I am hoping the full line will come out. I still want to try the setting spray, but it has been sold out on Ulta forever and I saw some of their products being swatched on Instagram and I am dying to try their chrome flash eye pots!


Real Techniques Rebel Edge Trio 1 brushes ($19.99)

rt brushes

I bought a three pack of real techniques brushes and wow!  They are unique.  The small eyeshadow brush is so incredible for precisely adding color into the crease.  The other two brushes are my new go-tos for contour and bronzing.  The smaller one for contouring as it is more precise and the larger brush for bronzing up the face.  This set is great value and so good!

Too faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer ($30)

tf chocolate gold

I am not sure why it took me so long to pull the trigger on this!  It is gorgeous for bronzing up the skin.  I have been reaching for it constantly.  The tone is really nice for us pasties!  It does have subtle shimmer in it.  I think it would look gorgeous in the summer sun and nice in the winter to warm up the skin as well.  The bronzer is not orange, as I often find many bronzers tend to look on my skin tone.  I like to contour first with an ashy taupe shade and then go in with this below the top of my cheek bones.  It also looks nice blended into the hairline on forehead.


Too Faced- Ginger Bread Palette ($49)


I am really liking this!  I have been able to create both daytime friendly and more glam looks with it.  I have not tried all of the shades or stepped outside of my comfort zone.  I made a complete post in this.


Flower beauty lipstick in peachy nude ($7.99)

fb peachy nude

This shade is gorgeous and I am really loving the consistency and quality of this range (well at least the two nude shades that I have).  It is very comfortable and this shade makes my lips look fuller.  You can now buy this brand at Ulta!  This was featured in my October favorites as well as its sister bare pout.


Desi x katy highlighter in Fuego ($28)

doc fuego

I adore this highlighter. It is a light champagne gold highlight. It suits my skin tone.  The last dose of colors collection (iluvsarahii) had two highlighter in it and both were gorgeous, but too dark for me.  This shade is a much better fit.  I like the formula, as it melts nicely into the skin and did not seem to highlight texture.  This is a limited edition product, but is still available at Ulta.com.  I think this might be a universal shade, but if you are of a darker complexion you may enjoy the other shade Chasing the Sun.  It is a golden bronze shade and looks gorgeous as well!


I hope you enjoyed this review!




***Being lazy with the photos, these were pulled from http://www.ulta.com, http://www.beautylish.com, and http://www.toofaced.com***




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