JSC Holiday Velour Liquid Lip Collection

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Hey Beauties!

I just received the JSC holiday velour liquid lipstick collection!  I did a swatch video with it on my Instagram : )  So, I knew there were shades that are unwearable because I do not have the balls like I used to BUT I wanted most of the shades and it cost more to get them separately than in the bundle.  The individual shades and bundles can be bought on the JSC website, Beautylish, and Morphe in the U.S.  The single shades are $18 and the bundle is $105.  Here are my thoughts on the collection by individual colors:
Can’t relate: This is a pale, warm nude.  It is matte, but looks beautiful over some lip balm.  The color is really nice on my skin tone and it is very wearable!

Clout:  Again, a questionable color (a metallic lavender), but this surprised me.  Both metallics were done very well.  This would be a great mixing shade and I actually really like it on its own.  I think it would be an interesting take on the holiday season.

Jeffree who?: This is a warm rose shade.  It is also very beautiful and wearable!

Scandal: This is a warm rose mauve.  The formula is great and the shade is very wearable! The color looks different on me than the model.  I am not sure if it is the lighting or because I had been doing lip swatches.

Y.S.O.T.P.:  The name cracks me up!  This is a deep metallic blue!  I love the shade!  It is a great blue and metallic blue formula.  It was a one swipe lipstick and very fun!  I am excited to find somewhere to wear it to!

Triggered:  A dark plum shade, the formula is great!  I think it is very vampy.  Usually these shades are difficult to create, but he did a really good on this.

Hi, how are ya?:  This is a berry red and my least favorite of all of the lipsticks.  I love the color, but this one is patchy and takes some finessing.  I have better lipsticks in similar shades.

Karma: This is a khaki green, but I call it doodoo green.  This one was questionable before putting on, but surprisingly the color was quite flattering.  The formula is great and it would be great for a grunge look.

Overall, I love that there are three very wearable shades for every day.  The two metallics have an amazing formula and are very beautiful.  Karma really surprised me it is very flattering even though it is not a common shade.  The only shade I am not a fan of is Hi, how are ya?  It was patchy and uneven in application.  I typically love reds, but this one was not good!

Swatches are from left to right top to bottom and are as follows:

Can’t relate, Clout, Jeffree Who?, Scandal, Y.S.O.T.P. ,Triggered ,hi how are ya? , Karma.













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