Natasha Denona Gold Palette


Hey Beauties!

 So, I splurged a little (thank you Beautylish!) on the Natasha Denona Gold palette ($129).  It has 15 beautiful shades with a mix of finishes metallics, shimmers, topper shades, and mattes.  There is a lot of gold in this palette, hence the name.  BUT they are all different!  There are also 2 pops of colors and both are blues in different finishes.  I am in love with this palette some of the shimmer/metallics need to be built up/used with a finger, but that is pretty standard.  The mattes are creamy and pigmented.  The packaging is standard like the Lila and Sunset palette and very sturdy.  The two things that I dislike about the palette is the price and that stupid protector that is attached with the shade names.  I wish the shade names were on the palette, so I could remove that thing.  It gets in the way when trying to use the mirror.  Other than that this is a perfect holiday palette. I AM SO IN LOVE!

Check out my video for day four of wigmas on my Instagram where I use this palette!


natasha denona gold 1




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