Giveaway and Friendcation Palette


Hey beauties! 

I just did my first giveaway on my Instagram!  I gave away the Dose of Colors friendacation palette (Desi x Katy collaboration) and filmed a video with it!  Actually, I normally do not use really dark colors on my eyes.  It is scary lol!  You have to blend well and it is so dramatic! But I posted the video and I had a decent turnout.

Here is the palette and swatches!




I really enjoyed the palette the colors go well together and I did not have any issues.  I think that it is more of a going out palette/night palette.  There are a few shades that you could get away during the daytime, but a lot of the lighter shades had glitter in it, so it makes it inappropriate/not allowed in my career field; therefore it is not a very versatile palette. 


Also, I just wanted to lay it out that I am doing two more giveaways on my Instagram in the month of December. I am giving away the holiday palette and a wig! For the first 12 days of December I will have a video up every day in a different wig trying new products (this also helps me try/review new things).   I will do the warrior palette giveaway video on the first day of “Wigmas” (it will last a week) and then on the final day of Wigmas I will do the video with the wig that I am giving away!  If you are interested in winning either of these items or checking out my Instagram it is @laglammere .  The rules for the giveaways are that you have to be following me and that you have to tag a friend.  There can be multiple entries you just have to create a new comment with a new tag. 



5 comments on “Giveaway and Friendcation Palette”

    1. Thank you! The blue shade is what really drew me to the palette! Thank you for subscribing! Lots of new posts coming soon-I just got back from a deployment so i’ve been super busy, but making a lot of purchases and trying some new things!!

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