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Hey Beauties!!

I have about 70 items in my cart…So I will just show you a few!  These are definitely some items that I will purchase.  So, my husband thinks I have a problem…he said that it’s a problem when you are using payment plans/flexible payments, but I think that this is just a great idea.  I make one purchase every three months from Beautylish using their flexible payments and I buy all the really expensive luxury products that I want.  Check out previous Beautylish posts for the low-down.  Gosh, I wish they sponsored me –haha- Anyways, I am currently on a no buy until mid-January!  So, this will all have to wait!

hour glanish vanish flash highlighting

I recently watched a Kathleen lights video on her favorite cream products and she mentioned the Vanish Flash highlighting stick.  She specifically mentioned the shade in champagne flash.  But I also like gold and pink flash!  As per usually, hourglass is expensive and these go for $42 each!  I love their vanish foundation (it is definitely in my top five!)

Inglot highlighter

Has anyone tried Inglot cosmetics?  This is a brand that I have yet to try!  I thought the swatches of the Intense Sparkler Face Eyes body highlighters were beautiful! I especially like the shades 12 and 13.  There are a total of five shades and they cost $19in this line (intense) and they also have “medium” and “soft” highlighters for those who want a more natural or toned down glow.  The brand seems to be reasonably priced I have also looked at some of their bases.

Jouer foundation

This has been in my cart for a while!  I really want to try it, but I have heard mixed reviews on the product and I am having the roughest time finding my shade online.  I am light, but not alabaster and I think that I am neutral.  It doesn’t seem that they have a true neutral light shade…even though this line carries 50 shades!  I think this is something that I would like to swatch in stores to determine my correct shade.

natasha denona palette

I have been needing Natasha Denona’s Diamond & Blush palette for months!  There are two palettes and I am drawn to the other one because of the yellow…even though I know this palette is too dark for me.  It consists of three creams and three powders.  What has held me back from purchasing is the $89 dollar price tag and the fact that I do not know if I want to invest that much into a blush palette,  But I am probably going to buy it –hehe-


I read a lot of reviews on these Jouer highlighters ($24) on Sephora.  Many reviews insisted that citrine was the most amazing shade for those with a light skin tone.  I definitely want to try Jouer’s highlighters before I purchase multiple shades to see if I like the formula.  There are 8 shades and five of them seem light enough to suit me. 

Champagne pop by Becca ($38) is one of my most favorite highlights!  This would just be a repurchase because I have hit pan on this.  I actually have not worn it for months because of all the new highlighters that I have been trying.  They also have some limited edition highlighters, but the one that I am dying for is sold out it is call Berlin Girl Glow and is described as a cool honey with pink and blue pearl.  Below is a swatch of it.


Well, this post could go on for days!  Does anyone shop at Beautylish or have tried any of these products?  Am I on the right path?  Feel free to make suggestions in the comment section below!


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