October Loves and Hates

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Hey Beauties!

I love monthly favorite’s videos!  I hear a lot of youtubers talk about how it is a dying trend, but I am still really in to them!


Jeffree star’s skin frost highlighter in Sarcophagus ($29)

Wow, this highlighter was my favorite in his Skin Frost Pro Palette 24 Karat palette and he ended up making a full size.  This highlighter is so blinding, but I can still get away with it if applied lightly at work.  The color looks amazing on pale skin.  I do not find that it highlights my pores and it melts into the skin beautifully.  This product has so much bang for its buck!  It can be purchased on the JSC website or on Beautylish with a payment plan!!

Nude Lipsticks

I have been loving nudes this month! There are three that I have been enjoying the most!  All three are buttery and suit my light skin tone.  Two are drugstore and from the brand Flower Beauty found at Ulta ($7.99) they are the Petal Pout Lip Color’s in the shades bare pout and peachy nude.  These are not too nude for me and make my lips look very full especially when I use a slightly darker lip liner.  The third is a little more expensive at $34 (don’t judge me).  It is the Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in the shade Kim K.W.  It is a beautiful shade and has a creamy texture.  The shape of the bullet is nice, as you are able to line with it well. I think this would look great on light and medium skin tones.   


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Soleil Bronzer ($30)

I wanted this so bad when it originally came out, but talked myself out of it.  I was thinking it may be too glittery and too dark for me.  This stuff is gorgeous-definitely not to be used for contouring, but instead to bronze up the face.  I use it along my hairline and at the tops of my cheek bones.  It is not glittery or too dark.  It adds a nice sheen and warmness to my skin. 


Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer ($59.99)

I have actually written about this before, but this is an amazing tool.  I go from towel dried hair to styled and dry hair in about 8 minutes on the low setting!  I made a video if you want to see an amateur do her hair!  This definitely inspires me to be a better put together person!


ROWNYEON Portable EVA Professional Makeup Case 16.14″ Makeup Artist Case Makeup Train Case Makeup Artist Organizer Bag ($39.99)

This makeup case is really good quality and can fit so much stuff!  I think it is great for travelling (this is my new carry-on lol.  Typically my back pack or purse is jammed pack with all my powder products and I am seriously protective of it!  (Ha-ha, ask my husband!)  The case is customizable with removable foam dividers.  There is zippered area where you can fit some additional things and pouched are with a cover in the top cover for brushes or lip/eye pencils.  It is rated on Amazon by 698 reviews and has a 4 out of 5 stars.  I bought the large version in black.  One con that I have about it is it is not deep enough to stand foundation or taller products like setting sprays so I keep those in a different organizer. 


Fennell Ombre Blonde Dark Brown Roots Glueless Short Bob Lace Front Wigs Side Part 2 Tone Color Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Replacement Wig For Women Half Hand Tied (Blend #458 and #22 Color)-($37.99)

I live for wigs, but I am definitely not experienced!  I have been watching a lot of videos to make wigs look more natural and less wig like.  This wig and the blue/black one from the same brand has a really nice cut and does not look super synthetic/fake.  It definitely transforms my look!  I am still working on the part.  It seems a little heavily plucked so you can see the netting underneath.  I am trying to cover it with concealer.  That is the only con that I have, but I think that it is more user error than with the wig itself.  It is good quality and a good price!  On Amazon it has a 4.4 rating with 314 customer reviews.

Catrice Prime & Fine Professional Contouring Palette in Ashy radiance ($7.99)

This contour shade…this is a great shade for my skin tone, it is ashy and creates a natural looking shadow to really chisel out the nose, cheeks, and jawline.  The light shade is actually pretty decent to clean up below the contour and it is not chalky.  They are both matte shades.  The color that I have can be bought on ulta.com or the Catrice website, but it is currently sold out on Ulta.  It has 100 reviews and a 4.5 rating.  I have recently been trying out more products of this brand and so far (I watch a lot of reviews before) I have been very impressed with their higher rated makeup.  I have heard that products from this brand are hit or miss, but if you shop efficiently you can determine the great products (the dewy setting spray is really nice!).



I hate the hourglass Veil Translucent setting powder.  I did already chat about this, but it is expensive ($46) and makes my makeup, specifically my under eyes look sooooo dry and so cakey. 

I previously tried Nyx’s lip lingerie liquid lipstick ($6.99) and I thought that I enjoyed the shades that I had previously tried.  But while doing my lipstick swatches on my Instagram (check it out #150daysoflips) I tried two colors corset and pin-up (both nudes) and jeez did they look terrible!  They gave me the foundation lip vibe, were super drying and patchy, did not layer well, and I could not get them off.  Usually that last one is a good thing, but because they were so terrible and drying I wanted them off immediately!  To not end this on a negative note, I really enjoy the suede matte lipstick line and the liquid suede cream lipstick line from Nyx.  These are both comfortable lipsticks and they have a wide range of interesting and/or wearable colors ($7.99-& 6.99).

 I hope you enjoyed this post!  Le me know what you have been loving and hating in October in the comments!




















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