Final wrap up of Huda Beauty precious stone obsession palettes (Sapphire and Amethyst)


Hey beauties!

Finally!  I tried all of the Huda beauty precious stones palettes.  If you love the color stories-BUY it!  These are gorgeous!  I loved all of the color stories and I thoroughly enjoyed trying them and trying to step outside of my comfort zone!  These can be bought in the U.S. on the Huda Beauty website or on the Sephora website.  They are reasonably priced at $27-making each shadow 3 dollars.  Although, pigmented the colors are buildable-making it great for novice users.  There is fallout from the glitter shades and some of the deeper shades, but it is not terrible!  I suggest a glitter glue for the really glittery shades and applying metallic/shimmers/glitter with your fingers or wetting your brush.  I was disappointed with some of these shades while using a try brush.  It is not that they are bad in any way.  It is just that you need different techniques for different formulas.  Once applied with a wet brush or my finger-BAM! Gorgeous!

The last 2 palettes that I tried were the Amethyst and the Sapphire palettes.  I filmed videos for both of these and the looks came out really cute.  I love the purple with green eyes.  I think purples and warm tone oranges and bronzy colors make green eyes pop!  I watched tons of tutorials on this collection and I was so envious of other’s skills and creativity.  If you want to check out some basic looks check out my Instagram @laglammere.

Below are swatches of the palettes and some pictures of looks I created!

Thanks for stopping by!!



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