Beautylish “Unboxing”


Hey guys!

Check out my unboxing on my Instagram stories (@laglammere) and some quick swatches of pretty shades before a full review.


This is a beauty haul posting.  In these I describe initial impressions from unboxing and swatching and why I bought the product.

gold palette

This palette is so expensive, but so gorgeous!  I used Beautylish’s payment plan so that I could purchase a few items that I really wanted without breaking the bank.  This palette is beautiful, as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to buy it!  This is my third palette by Natasha Denona.  I already have the Lila and Sunset palettes and they are gorgeous! I swatched a couple of the colors and I fell in love.  I think this is a great holiday palette!  From a few initial swatches, I found that Lime Chrome is such a unique color it’s a lime-gold, the matte (Python) that I tried is pigmented and creamy, and the last shade I tried initially was Oro.  This is a metallic shade and is soo pigmented and creamy (standby for full review and swatches!)

VDL primers

I bought two VDL primers.   Beautylish was advertising it as Korea’s bestselling primer.  After living in Korea for a year, I still have an obsession with Korean beauty!  These are said to give you glass skin! I am so excited to try them.  They both mentioned helping with pores and texture.  I am willing to try anything that minimizes my giant pores!  The packaging is glass and feels very luxe.  These are $26 apiece.  Hopefully, these will end up being my favorites and a good investment!

ND highlighter fair

I saw mixed reviews on this about its intensity.  Some were saying it is blinding and some were saying that it is blinding.  I have yet to try it on my face, but the initial swatch was gorgeous!  It is a great color on my skin tone and it was so creamy.  It seemed to melt into my skin.  I am planning on using this in an upcoming glow video with the skinny dip palette.

JSC shirt

This is my second JSC t-shirt.  I think he is hilarious and he is one of my favorite youtubers.  On top of that I love his products!  I think he just released some new merchandise…I kind of want the “Can’t relate” shirt and I am so looking forward to his upcoming launch.  I am definitely getting his new Alien palette and most of his new liquid lips.

cranberry palette

This is definitely a good choice for those who want to try Natasha Denona’s formula without spending over $100.  This palette looks gorgeous and these tones look really great on green eyes.  I have yet to swatch it, but plan on doing a look with it soon.  It was definitely an impulse buy.

dew eye cream

I have been struggling with dry under eyes! I guess it is my old age catching up to me.  Every product looks cakey and dry.  The weather is changing here from really dry and harsh to really cold and harsh.  So, I am looking for a new eye cream.  This one had the word “Dew” in it and I was sold.  Can I just wish for youthful, dewy skin??!!

brow contour pro

I have seen this all over the internet!  The packaging is so nostalgic!  I was a huge fan of the multi-clicking pens.  I like that this product is a four in one and can create dimension in the brows.  I also like the convenience of it for travel.  Instead of bringing multiple products you can just take one.  Also, my Korea Bestie said it was bomb.

skinny dip

I think this is actually my second product from Jouer Cosmetics.  I have been interested in the brand for a while specifically this product their lip toppers and highlighters!  So, as the name implies this is an ultra-foil shimmer shadow palette.  So, it will need to be used in conjunction with a matte palette or on its own in summer for a super glam, glowy look.


The last products that I bought were from Becca.  I am looking for an under eye setting powder that does not make my under eyes look like they are 80 years old.  This seemed like a different type of product to try.  It is made up of 50% water.  When I swatched it, it felt like water and was really smoothing!  There were mixed reviews on this product, some reviews said that it darkened the under eye and the other negative was that because this product was made of water you had to use it quickly as the product will evaporate.  The second product is the Skin Love Glow Glaze stick.  It is a gloss stick and has a beautiful sheen to it.  I am excited to try this out and I hope it looks good over makeup.  These types of products can disrupt makeup and sometimes do not work out as intended.  I am not really a bare faced gal so I need it to perform over foundation.  I plan on picking up a similar more affordable product to compare that I saw in a recent you tube video.  That product is Catrice’s Dewy Wetlook Stick ($8.99) that is available on  This is another option if these end up working over make up.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my “unboxing”!



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