New Fenty Beauty releases

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Hey guys!

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This is my initial review of the products.

I bought the following items from Sephora last month and was so excited to receive my purchases.  I was at a Sephora launch in Florida when Fenty Beauty first took the beauty world by surprise as an all-inclusive brand.  I am happy to see they are still thriving with multiple releases.

fenty all

DIAMOND BOMB: All-Over Diamond Veil-$38 (How many Carats?!)

So, I am on the fence about this because I am not sure how practical it is for my lifestyle, but I had to have it.  The packaging and product itself is gorgeous!  It does have metallic packaging which gets smudged and dirty quick so excuse my greasy fingerprints in the pictures!  The product is a glitter highlight, if you have texture it will be highlighted, less so while using a good primer and foundation.  If knowing what you are buying and this product is something that would fit into your lifestyle, I think it is a good purchase.  The color is gorgeous.  I could use this for glam nights on the town, as a glittery body highlight or on the inner corners of my eyes.  The product feels like something I have never felt before it is so wet/soft/cooling.  It applies better with the fingers than with a brush.  This will definitely be a cute attribute to upcoming holiday parties.

GLOSS BOMB: Universal Lip Luminizer in Diamond Milk-$18

The gloss was okay, it left a whitish film (base), I was hoping it would be more of a lip topper.  I adore the original (Fenty Glow).  The formulation is good.  I just was not a fan of the whitish base, it settled in my dry lips and did not look good.  I am going to keep trying it out, especially when I get control over my dry skin and lips.  The weather/environment here is wreaking havoc on my skin!

STUNNA LIP PAINT: Longwear Fluid Lip Color-$24

I got the shades unbutton (peachy nude), uncuffed (rosy mauve) and unveil (chocolate brown).  Unbutton is cute, a real fall color!  I like unveil it is very vampy, you just need to be very careful for application.  Uncuffed is my absolute favorite!  I have been really into mauve lips, especially for the fall.  The formula is still great just like the original version (uncensored), it is a little liquidy, if you were to just pull it out and apply, it could get a little messy.  I suggest wiping of excess product.  The other thing that I really enjoy about the product, is that it dries down pretty quickly.  After, I purchased the three shades Fenty Beauty released the shade Uninvited (smooth black).  I want it, but I am trying to be more realistic when making purchases.  Would I use it often, probably not…but it is Halloween season…

New products I am excited about

After my purchase they also released the winter/holiday collection.  The Avalanche all-over metallic powder set is really catching my attention!  There are seven shades and the set is $99.  I am loving the shade February, raspberry rave, and foxy.  My only initial complaint is that I wish that I could buy them separately as some of the shades are not interesting (I have multiples of these shades) and the price tag is really expensive.



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