Emerald and Ruby Obsessions palette

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Hey guys!!

I recently filmed two videos on Huda Beauty’s emerald and ruby obsessions palettes. These babies are gorgeous and $27 from Sephora or the Huda Beauty website.  I ended up getting all five of them and I have the last two reviews/last video left to do.

I enjoyed both of these palettes!  Looking at other’s videos I feel that you can really get creative with them…I try, but I am not a makeup artist nor do I ever know what I am going to do when trying them out.  My husband says I do the same look with different colors –haha-.  It’s true.  I wanted to do some crazy stuff with these palettes (graphic liner, cut creases) etc., but I am a little uncomfortable with my makeup skills!  I plan on playing with these in creative ways!

Ruby palette


ruby palette

I love the shades in this!  I think that it makes my green eyes “pop”, but can look a little harsh using just these colors, for a less harsh look I would suggest using a second palette with some browns.  I think that is the only thing that may be missing is a nice brown shade (I know it is the Ruby palette!).  The mattes were great and blended well, the glitter shades are messy.  I suggest applying your eyes first or using a wet brush when applying them.  It applies well with a dense brush, but I prefer applying the shimmer/glitter shades with my finger and then going in with a brush to make sure it is placed where I want the shadow to be.


Here are the swatches with flash and no flash.


Emerald palette

emerald swatches

I had a lot of fun playing with this palette!  I wore a wig in an “emerald” shade during it.  I am working on my wig skills!  I did not try all the shades, but I found the shades I used were of very good quality.  The matte green shades that I used were not as pigmented as they look to be in the pan.  However, they were very buildable.  Some people may see this as a con, but I think that have buildable shadows are good for novice beauty users and just a little more work for more experienced users.  It helps build the shadow to what you want it to be.  It is blendable!  Again, the shimmer/glitters are messy, I had a lot of fallout.  I would suggest using them wet and applying with your fingers for maximum bunch.  I wish there were some deeper greens in this palette-some critiques is that they did not use  the color selection to their max potential the grey/brown shade could have been a gorgeous forest  shade.


Here are the swatches with flash and no flash.


Check out my Instagram for the videos!! @laglammere

What do you guys think of these palettes?  I am dying for the new Huda Beauty nudes palette to be released!




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