Things that I am hating, loving, and on the fence about #2

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forever 21 example

I absolutely hate the biker short fad.  It literally like some just woke up and put on a pair of Spanx.  The addition of heels or boots are terrible!  It just does not look right to me.

fashion no

1st look: I like the coloring on her.  It looks very sleek with her hair, but all together it is not working.

2nd look: The second look is horrible

3rd look: Remove the biker shorts and add in a denim skirt with denim.

4th look: It is a disaster

5th look: I think out of all the looks, I prefer this one!  Normally, biker shorts would be worn during an active activity.  I think this is actually a good gym day outfit or a cute look for hiking.  (Loving the fanny pack!)

All in all I think that I do not like this trend with heels or with accessories that do not go well with it or are not practical.  I think that people are trying to make these chic and I think it looks ridiculous.  Has anyone seen mean girls? When they cut out holes in Regina George’s top and the next day EVERYONE was wearing the ridiculous look. I commend Kim for being able to sell anything and create fashion statements, but I just cannot get on this bandwagon.

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What do you guys think about this trend?



I am absolutely loving these jeans that I got from target!  They are the DENIZEN® from Levi’s® Women’s Modern Skinny Jeans Bombshell in Medium wash ($27.99).  I bought them in an 8 short.  I think this is the first time that I have ever bought something in short or petite (even though I am short, I wouldn’t say petite –haha-).  These jeans fit so nicely!  They are the perfect fall jeans to wear tucked in to boots. They hit right at the ankle (usually I have a lot of bunching up) and tuck so easy.  They fit really well and they have a nice stretch on them! I plan on purchasing these in the light wash as well.  I think they would also look really nice with a pair of pumps.

On the fence about:

cookie butter

Cookie butter. Oh.My.God.  If you have never tried cookie butter go out and buy a jar.  It tastes amazing the original is from the Belgian brand Lotus from the Biscoff cookies and comes in crunchy and creamy (I prefer creamy).  The brand can be found on Amazon and I have seen it in Walmart I think.  There is also the Walmart brand and Trader Joe’s has one as well.  My husband recently sent me a care package with some in it and I was so excited because I requested it.  I have been eating so well for the last two months, but I still cannot be tempted with things because I will devour it.  He sent me some candy as well I realized I could not control myself so I gave it away.  BUT the cookie butter I couldn’t bring myself to not eat a lot of it.  It can be spread on things, put in baked goods, or it can be eaten by the spoonful.  I thought it would be a nice treat to have a spoonful every so often (those were my intentions).  Last night, I just laid in bed and ate spoonfuls of it until the jar was gone!  I am on the fence because it has a lot of calories in it and because I cannot be trusted.  I don’t think I will request any more while I am out here since I have goals.

Have you guys tried cookie butter? Isn’t it amazing? Are you able to control yourselves?!

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