Things That I am hating, wanting, and on the fence about #1

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Hey everyone!

So, these are just my opinions on some fashion, style, random items and make up that I have either been hating, loving, or that I am on the fence about.


So, living in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, I get excited to travel.  The top reasons are generally good food, margarita’s, fun family stuff, and access to a real life modern society and by that I mean target, Sephora, Ulta, and luxury make up shopping at the airport.  A few months ago while at the airport I came across the Diorskin forever foundation .  There are 13 shades available, I got the shade Ivory, and it is $52.  In this case you are paying for the name because the product is shit.  I think that I will just place it on my vanity, so everyone can see the pretty bottle and that I wasted $52!  This is a terrible foundation-I brought it with me to try it out and make it work, but literally nothing can salvage this.  I have tried different primers, pre-makeup skin care, brushes, and sponges.  I end up with it not adhering to my nose, adhering to every pore and fine line (crazy because it says it has a pore refining effect), and looking awkward and caked up in some places.  If this is your go to foundation-let me know what you do to make it work!  I just feel like I shouldn’t have to go through great lengths to make a foundation work.  There has been a lot of good reviews on this foundation by some big you tubers.  I do have problematic skin and understand that foundation can be different for everyone.



     I am in love with the “clueless” and 90’s inspired looks that are in stores at the moment.  I am really sad because I had something in my cart (the yellow plaid outfit and it sold out!)  I actually emailed Charlotte Russe and asked about restock (they don’t usually restock items!).  I was able to find similar looks at target (they have a plethora of 90’s inspired looks), there were cute matching sets at forever 21, and the blazer is still available along with other plaid blazers on Charlotte Russe.

Inspiration Look


Charlotte Russe


Anyone get the “rollin’ with the homies” reference. God, I am getting old! As mentioned above the blazer is still available.  There are 2 yellow styles and there are multiple different plaid blazers (no matching sets) in purple, greys, black/white.


Here are some yellow plaid options at Target.  There is a skort and a cropped top.  Additionally, they have it in plus sizes as well.  The flannel shirt is another option for a low key inspired look.

Forever 21

     These houndstooth Jacket and skirt sets are soooo cute! The price is a somewhat expensive as it is a two piece set (if you break it down for the jacket and skirt it comes out to around this price) and the colors are spring inspired. It comes in pink and blue and is $55. I also looked for a modern inspired look and found this crop top set in glen plaid.  I personally could not get away with a crop top, but I think this would look cute with a glen plaid blazer or jacket.  When I searched glen plaid I came up with 2 pages of results!  There were multiple jackets, blazers, shoes, hair accessories, shirts, skirts and pants that could be mixed and match to create a look.  Lastly with fall rolling in knee high socks are back!  These look great with shorter skirts and paired with boots.


On the Fence

So…I ordered the Yes To Tomatoes Charcoal Acne-Fighting Sleeping Mask.  I have used it twice (2x nights in a row).  When I wake up in the morning it appears that it has pulled blemishes up from below the skin (whiteheads coming to a head).  This never just happens overnight to me!  So, I currently have more blemishes (I am also in my hormonal stage of the month) and I am trying to decide if it is breaking me out or if it is extracting some of the nasties from below my skin.  I think that it purged my skin because there were some blemishes that were no to the surface and they were at a head in the morning.  I will wait until my skin calms down and passes the hormonal stage and try this product again.


Thanks for stopping by! Any thoughts on these products? Have you used them?  Are you loving the 90s clueless style too?!



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