Topaz Obsessions



Hey guys!

     When Huda Beauty announced that she was releasing five new Obsessions palettes, I was on board!  These were all inspired by precious stones and each mini palette has nine shades and is centered on a main color story.  They retail for $27 dollars each and I really like the formulation of the previous ones.  I already owned the warm brown, coral, gemstone, smokey, and mauve palettes.

 The new palettes are:

  •     Emerald Obsessions
  •    Amethyst Obsessions
  •     Ruby Obsessions
  •     Sapphire obsessions
  •     Topaz Obsessions

     I will be doing an individual post about each new palette and my thoughts on them with pictures looks and swatches.  The amethyst palette is on trend with the purple eyeshadow look and I will do a comparison of colors/swatches with another recent purple palette (the Norvina palette!)

      So, the first palette I tried was the Topaz Obsessions palette.  Huda Beauty (2018) describes it as a “fusion of gold, rich browns and amber shades”.  I think that this palette is very day friendly and can be amped up with lashes, glitters, and liner for a more glam night look.  The mattes (5) and shimmers (4) are creamy and well pigmented.  It is a great palette for both summer and fall!  The shades in this palette really made my green eyes pop.  There was some fall out with the shimmer shades, but cleaned up easy with a swipe of a powder brush.  The lightest peachy-pink shade is great for a base I loved the burnt orange as a transition shade, and the shimmers looked great on the lid, under the lash line, and inner corner highlights.  My only slight qualm with the shadows were the darker matte shades.  They were blendable, but they definitely took some time to blend well.  I used these in my outer eye and crease and had to spend a little more time.  This is fine in the event that I have time, but many mornings I need my shadow to blend quickly!

Swatches no flash vs flash:

no flash      flash

Look (simple day look)

normal look

close up look

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