Hi everyone!!

So after almost a year Hiatus from my blog, I am back and I am back with new content ideas and new goals!  This year I am focusing on improving the quality of my photos and videos by reading and practicing and I am also planning on upgrading my technology.  I typically use my IPhone…which explains why the quality is not up to par.  I plan on upgrading when I get back to the states in a few months.  Currently, I am at #fatcamp2018 and I am working on some goals while I am here:

  • I am taking my first 2 graduate courses (education goal)
  • Trying to lose 30lbs (health goal)
  • Trying to build my audience on Instagram
  • Begin dabbling in my YouTube dream
  • Working on creating an excellent and consistent blog

(The latter three are hobby goals)

I recently bought my domain.  So, now that I am invested in it I plan on keeping it up to date.

I have actually been pretty consistent on my Instagram.  So, if you are interested follow me! @laglammere

I am currently doing a challenge where I am posting a lip swatch for 150 days. I am not including reviews, so some of the swatches are not that great due to the consistency or quality of the product.  Or the fact that I had just tried on 20 lipsticks and my lips died –haha-.  If you see something that you like and want additional information let me know!

I have a few posts that I am currently working on in categories such as beauty, fashion, health, and general lifestyle.

I am excited to start a new journey with you all!




5 comments on “Update”

    1. Hey mama! Are you referencing the 150 days of lips? I am currently on day 50 on my Instagram! Check it out! Happy first day of fall! What do you think about the new website? I love you!


      1. I love the new Web site. Its pretty, and the colors remind me of you. I love the lipstick tests, but have really been into the eyes lately (I wonder why – haha!) I am so excited about your videos. Lets get that rolling quickly. Muah!


    1. Hi Booberry! Thank you for your support and comment! I am glad that you are a long time fan (because you are my husband of course). I brainstormed some ideas and I think that I will do a top 10 gift post for men and I will also be adding some posts for health and fitness which I know that you are really into! I love you!


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