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Hey Everyone!

Does anybody else have a ridiculous wish list on Amazon?  I have hundreds of items on mine and here are some of the items that I am currently deciding if I should buy.




The first item on my wish list is the film Hocus Pocus!  This was definitely a childhood favorite and as Halloween is coming up I wanted to introduce my four-year old to it.  She is really getting in to kid movies that are a little scary!  She is scared, but she really enjoys them.  I told my husband to let her watch it and then I back tracked!  I really want to watch it with her, so it’s looking like Halloween in January!

The next item is a shoe care kit, I just bought a couple of pairs of Dr. Martens.  I have an upcoming post about them.  They are extremely expensive, so I have decided that I will actually take care of them!


In order to increase the quality of my videos and photos, I have been looking into getting a Canon T6i.  I have done a little bit of research and it seems like a viable choice for someone just beginning to dabble in photography/videography.  What do you guys use?  Any tips and tricks?  I am unsure if this is the actual kit that I will get.  I am looking for one with a decent external microphone, SD cards, and interchangeable lenses.  I read that a lot of these are off brand items that are not the best quality.  So I may purchase a cheaper more general one and buy better quality items separately.

I have been dying to try the Dermacol foundation, mainly to use it as a concealer!  I have had it on my wish list for years and have not pulled the trigger because of the saturation of fake products on the market and because I am having trouble determining my color!

Betsey Johnson has so many cute clutches and purses!  I have a few of these kitschy ones in my cart.  I am obsessed with things like cupcakes, fruits, and other cute, girly, childish things.  I am almost 30 and I am in fear that I am slowly aging into that “crazy, eccentric lady”.

The candies on my wish list are my absolute favorite, but they do not ship here so I just look at them in my cart.  These are both reminiscent of my 14 years in Europe.


I am currently in search of new running shoes, the ones I have are falling apart!  The Adidas cloud foam shoes fit like a sock and I saw them on this guy and they looked really cool!  Although, they look cool I have not done much research one how they function while running-that is the next step before I buy!  I also have the Adidas originals superstar shoes.  These are purely because they are cute and fashionable and I need something that better suits my outfits than my raggedy tennis shoes that take away from normally cute outfits!  They are just super expensive.  I definitely need them now as I bought my daughter a pair (so I could live through her and because the children’s pair were half the cost).

The gigi waxing kit was reviewed as one of the best waxing kits.  It also will not ship to my location.  I have been on a now shave for the last two months and it is now getting to the out of control point.  At first, I decided to go on a no shave because I do not want to spend that additional time for no reason.  Plus, I am separated from my husband and it does not matter.  My husband thinks this is disgusting, which pushed me into a feminist approach to why should I shave my legs/underarms?!  It is quite freeing and empowering, but I feel it is nearing time!  I was looking into get a waxing kit because my failed attempts before never taught me!  I also thought that I could do it myself and save my time from shaving a few times a week (ain’t nobody got time for that!).

The two last items are impulse items.  I NEED that magnet.  It reminds me of my Frenchie Scarlett. I am dying without the cuddles of my three dogs!  The dress CowCow clothing and as described above I love cute things.  I have a bunch of styles and patterns on my wish list, but I am unsure of the quality.  I will probably order one to test out and then order more if they are nice. Below are some additional patterns of the dress.



Well that is my current wish list on Amazon!


Let me know if ya’ll have tried any of these items and any additional options!


(Images were taken from and not owned my me)



















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