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Hey Ya’ll!

So this is my second order from Colourpop and have also had a couple of their products sent to me in boxycharms.  I ended up buying the full relase of their Super Nova Shadows ($7).  These are beautiful   swatched!  I wore Moonlight yesterday with other colourpop products and they are not glitter like the Glitter and Glow shadows from Stila.  These are all metallics.  I wore it for about 8 hours and they do get texture after a few hours.  They dry very quickly so if you need to blend do it right away!  The shadow looked very nice on my eyes.  The applicator is different and I prefer Stila’s applicator.  I would probably give this product 3.5 stars compared to Stila’s 5 stars.  Now do I think that it is worth buying?  I think both for the collector and average make up lover, yes.  The colors are different, they wear a really long time, there is some texture after a few hours, but it doesn’t look terrible, and they are $7.  If you do not want to invest in Stila’s version of this product ($24) than these are a very nice alternative!  Here are the swatches:

Top to Bottom: Moonlight, Walk of Fame, Dragon, Hard to Empress, and Fire Cracker

For the shock shadows ($5 for one and $18 for a set of four), I bought three sets of four.  The mattes that I used were blendable for my crease.  The metallic and glitter ones do not work well with a brush at all whether they are used wet or not.  The pay off is amazing when you use your fingers and pat them into the eye.  I suggest only using these on the lid.  I think that if you can get over the fact that you need to use your fingers (which I do not mind different techniques) then you will love these.  They are super soft!  Some of these arrived broken, but because of the consistency of them they were not broken and messy and I was able to press them back together.

Below are the swatches for the three kits!

Summer Solstice: Lightning bug, noontide, Sundance and summer side
What Went Down: crossing lines, off the grid, dynasty, and bow down
Over the Edge: Fade in, DGAF, wild thoughts, and come clean

Last but not least I bought their No Filter Concealer in Fair 5.  This concealer is actually really nice!  I put it under my eyes and it blended like a dream, was full coverage, and did not crease!  AND it is only $5.  I have a hard time finding concealers that do not make my under eyes look super dry or that do not crease.  This one looked really nice!
Some pictures of the look I created:

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2 comments on “Colourpop Spotlight”

  1. I love the “ColourPop” lip shades. One in particular this morning caught my eye, and it is just amazing how long the color stays in place. Incredible colors too! You are so beautiful. You “Glow” girl!!!

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