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Hey loves! Thank you for stopping by today I am doing 30 new or new to me drugstore lip sticks. I apologize for some of the swatches. It took me 2 days to take all the pictures because my lips would get so dry and irritated. Lip swatches are hard! Below are my notes on the specific lines or specific colors that I tried.  Nyx is by far my favorite brand that I tried and the most consistent with their colors and their different lines of lip products.

Wet n Wild: Megalast Liquid Catsuit. $4.99

1. Video Vixen: Super Patchy and clumpy. Terrible!

2. Rebel Rose: Beautiful dusty nude, looks really good when lips are prepped ad moisturized.

3. Missy and Fierce: My favorite out of the five colors, a beautiful red! Very opaque and bright!

4. Berry Recognize: Great color and application.

5. Goth Topic: good application. Not a flattering color on me. As it wears and fades it looks strange. You will need to pay attention and reapply as needed.

Revlon: Ultra HD Matte lipcolor. $9.99

1. Infatuation: patchy and still patchy when used as a stain.

2. Glam: beautiful color and application. Advertised as matte/metallic-neither.

3. Luster: Had to apply three times for full coverage and it was patchy. I don’t think its a stand alone product. Maybe with an ombre or dark look it would work.

Overall, these three products feel so nice on the lips, but I was disappointed with their consistency. I have previously bought some nudes from the line and they are great. I think they definitely have a problem with darker colors.

Makeup Revolution London. $5.00

1. Iconic Matte Lipstick in Red Carpet

2. Iconic Matte Lipstick in Private Members Club

3. Iconic Matte Lipstick in Diamond Life

4. Iconic Matte Lipstick in Girls Best Friend

5. Iconic Matte Nude Lipstick in Expose

6. Iconic Matte Nude Lipstick in Lust

This line is very hit or miss the darker colors are patchy especially Private member’s club! The red/pink are beautiful and expose from the nudes is a little too light for me I get what is called foundation lips…However, I do like the consistency of it and I think it would look nice over another color in the center of the lips or with a colored gloss over the top of it.

Models Own: Celestial Chrome Lip Topper. $7.99

1. Stardust

2. Rose Comet

For the price -great lip toppers and very glittery. However, there are so many that are so much better on the market. Also, I am not a big fan of the smell-they were made in China and smell like a product that was made in China (chemical smelling.)

Nyx Liquid Suede Metallic Matte. $7.49

1. Bella

2. Pure Society

3. Acme

4. Biker Babe

5. Buzzkill

6. Modern Maven

Wow! All of these are amazing! They are opaque and beautiful. The formula is very comfortable and it dries down fast. They seem to be non transferring once fully dried down.

Nyx: Cosmic Metals $7.49

1. Ultraviolet

2. Out of this World

3. Electromagnetic

All three of these are super pigmented and would be great for a funky look. However, I am not going to lie. I thought these were cream eye products…so I probably will never wear these out. They are super beautiful and great quality though.

Nyx: Slip Tease Full Color lip Oil $6.99

1. Red Queen

2. Baecation

3. Entice

All three of these were amazing! They were consistent. The colors were beautiful and opaque and the formula felt really hydrating on the lips. I really liked the applicator on these. It allowed for more precise application.

Nyx: Love out loud. $6.99

1. Extraordinary

2. Passionate These are both cream products and they feel really great on the lips both were very pigmented I really liked the color extraordinary.

Thank you guys for stopping by!! I will have another post coming up soon for all my new high end lippies!

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