Makeup Revolution London Palettes

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So, it has been a while…I think that I say this almost everytime I write a blog!  I have a lot planned and I am finally getting organized and writing more.  And really working on trying a lot of new things.  I have been in Florida for work the last couple of weeks and I have made quite a few stops to Ulta and Sephora!  The closest stores to me in New Mexico are an hour and a half away!  So, I have been in heaven.

Today, I am going to talk about two palettes that I have been testing out this week.  They are both from Makeup Revolution London and are the Fortune Favours the Brave palette and the Flawless two palette.

Both products are 15.00 dollars and I bought them at Ulta.  This brand often has a buy one get one 50% off.  So, I would suggest buying the product on sale.   The Flawless 2 palette has 32 shades and 20 grams of product inside.  The Fortune Favours the Brave palette has 30 shades and 16 grams of product.  Both have pretty good reviews on the Ulta website 3.9 stars (FFB palette) and 4.5 for the Flawless 2 palette.  I am not sure what palettes these would be a good dupe for, but the brand has gotten a lot of publicity because they create almost exact dupes for some products and they have no shame!

I think that these palettes are very good for beginners and they are very afordable.  The shades are beautiful and I have been wearing them to work in pretty basic looks.  The are good for just a wash of color; however these do not last.  I put them on and by the time that I get off of work (sitting at a desk all day) they are gone there is some product build up in the crease but the look is gone.  So, I am not really a big fan of them.  They last longer with eyeshadow primer, but then they are harder to blend.  Without the primer they blend well.  I would suggest these for quick looks for running errands, practicing looks, or very basic looks for work.  I wish that I had invested in a more expensive palette that lasts all day/night instead of buying these two palettes.

Flawless 2 Palette and random swatches:

Fortune Favours the Brave palette and random swatches

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope this review helps!


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