Summer Beauty FAVORITES (PT 1)


Since it is already mid July and I have been planning on doing a favorites why not combine all of my procrastination into one post?!

I actually have a little bit of everything to talk about for my favorites in June and July and a product that I hate!  Lets start with that first.  I bought 3 of Urban Decay’sliquid moondust eye shadows in the colors Solstice, Chem trail, andRecharged.  They actually swatched decent, but these are patchy and I absolutly hate the applicators.  The applicator reminds me of a nail polish applicator.  The colors are pretty cool, but you have to build them and within a few hours your entire eyelook is ruined. I came home and was pretty disturbed when I looked in the mirror.

(Solstice, Chem trail, and Recharged)

On the flipside Stila’s Magnificent Metals Gitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadows are amazing.  The swatches were not that great (blame me!). But they last all day without fallout and the colors are beautiful.  The applicator is perfect for this type of product.  Rose gold retro is my favorite color, diamond dust is really glittery but I love it in the inner corners, and I have yet to use molten midnight, but I think it would be great in a smoky eye.  They work really well in the cut crease.  The only downfalls is they aren’t super blendable so apply well and take your time and I suggest doing your liquid eyeliner before applying these because it does not work well under a liner.

(Rose Gold Retro, Diamond Dust, Kitten Karma, ballet baby, and Molten Midnight.
For Bronzer/countour and highlight I have been LOOOVING Jeffree Star’s Skin Frost in Peach Goddess.  It is suck a perfect summer highlight, very flattering on my skin tone, and super glowy.  The color is not to crazy that I can’t lightly apply it for work.  For bronzer/contour I have been loving Physcians Formula’s Murumuru butter bronzer in “Bronzer” it really is like butter and it smells so good.  If you hate the smell of coconut suntan lotion you will probably not like this because it has a pretty heavy scent.  I actually think it smells so good and just like summer.  The color is pretty light for a bronzer, but I am a fair skinned person so it gives me a healthy natural glow and it blends very beautifully.  

For lips I have two products.  Kat Von D’s Eveerlasting liquid lipstick in Mrs Argentina.  I have mixed reviews on this one…I ADORE the color, but the formula and wear time is not perfect.  I do have to reapply it and it does take some time to apply it, but the color is so worth it to me.  This is my second time purchasing it the first time I wore the first one I bought I lost it at a bar in Korea.  I was actually very upset.  I dont remember having any complaints about the formula or wear time then.  I repurchased it as soon as I found it in sephora in the states.  Maybe the batches are inconsistent.  The second productMaybelline’s colorsensational lipstick in 540 Peach buff.  This is the perfect peachy nude for work.  It is a matte and makes my lips look pillowy!

Before I talk about the two palettes I will talk about three products that are wowing me.  Loreal’s Lash Paraise mascara in blackest black is amazing!  The packaging reminds me of the better than sex mascar and I seriously think the product is on that level.  It makes my lashes look sultry and gives my lashes lots of volume.  Jesse’s girl black liquid eyeliner is amazing it is very affordable and a pretty unknown brand (its $6.99 and can be found at Walgreen’s). The felt tip gives me a nice shape and it lasts all day and sets quickly.  I also have mixed reviews on Covergirl’s Healthy Elixar foundation.  I bought the shade 710 which is the second lightest color and it oxidizes on my skin and doesnt have all day stay power.  BUT it just looks so beautiful and natural on my skin.  It makes my skin look really good.  I think that I will try mixing in a white mixer to lighten it up a bit before I try the lightest shade.  I am trying different primers and setting sprays with it because I want to figure out how to make it work because I love how it looks.  Has anyone else used this and it work really well?  Leave me a comment with how you make it last!
Now the last two products have mixed reviews Urban decay’s Naked Heat palette and Too faced Natural love palette.  I like them both a lot!  I can wear both palettes for work. And can come up with so many natural looks.  For the too faced palette there are 30 shades.  I will admit it is an inconsistent palette.  There are only 6 mattes, some of the colors are chunky and patchy like undercover (a purple glitter) and night fever, but then you have super butter beautiful shades like love bug, honeymoon, and cutie patootie.    Honey butter, spotlight, lace teddy, and nudie are great transition shades and heaven, fairy tale, pink sheets, poodle, and moon mean are beautiful inner corner and browbone highlights.  I definitly reach for this pallete and over all I think that it is really great.  Lastly the talk of the town whether good or bad.  The package is great on the naked heat palette.  There are 12 warm shades and they are all in the same general color family (rusts and browns).  This palette is extremly blendable and easy for quick on the go looks.  It makes my green eyes really pop.  The only thing is and it may just be my make up skills, but putting these colors below my eyes make me look a little sickly…I did have to go to another palette for my under eyes.

Thanks for tuning in!  Here is a photo of some weekend makeup using the Naked Heat Palette, Jeffree Star’s skin frost in Peach Goddess, Loreal’s lash paradise mascara, and Jesses’s girl liquid liner.



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    1. Thank you, for your comment. The moon dust eyeshadows actually swatch pretty well. However besides they’re beautiful color they do not apply well and they ruined some of my make up looks at the end of the day. On the other hand my swatches for the Stila liquid eyeshadow’s weren’t that good but they are so beautiful on the eyes and last all day!

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