Last K-beauty Haul in Korea

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Hey ya’ll!

Last month, I went to the mall in Suwon and ended up buying a few items from MAC and benefit. I also got a few Korean skin care products from It’s Skin. The have a Power 10 Formula line. These are highly concentrated serums that serve different purposes. I ended up getting the VC effector which is the Vitamin C effector. This one is supposed to brighten and lighten freckles and marks on the face. I also got the WH effector (whitening with Arbutin) and the PO effector which is formulated to shrink pores/make them less noticeable. One of my most favorite things about Korean beauty stores are the samples! The are not stingy at all with them. I received a face mask and a Miracle berry radiance trial kit. It comes with a emulsion, toner, and cream. This line is supposed to help with wrinkle care and whiten (brighten) your skin. I have yet to use any of these because I have been treating my acne spots with Murad’s Post-Acne Lightening Gel and I just wanted to see how

Now, todays Tony Moly and Etude house was an accident and possibly my last shopping spree in South Korea! Since I have 3 weeks left until I go to my new home. I actually went in to buy my mother-in-law a few gifts because she has fell in love with Korean beauty products and I thought I would restock her. She really loves the sheet masks, the prestige jeju snail skin care line, and the Floria brightening peeling gel.
I ended up getting quite a few items that I have tried before and love like the Floria brightening peeling gel, shiny foot super peeling liquid, and their pureness 100 sheet masks. I usually get the snail or collagen sheet masks, but today I bought the pearl mask sheet for brightening. The Shiny foot peeling gel and Floria brightening peeling gel are my holy grails! I do a peel once a week. Both of these products are so amazing and do exactly what they say they are going to do! The foot peel says that in 4-6 days that your feet will begin to peel and you will have baby soft feet in 2 weeks. Now, the first time that I tried this I was so skeptical of it. When I completed the soak there was no immediate results and I was like great that was a waste of time; however in about 4 days my feet were peeling off and in about a week my feet were the softest that they have ever been!

I also got two other masks the lovely peach hand mask and a hair mask (Hair Spa Solution) Argan rose hair treatment. I will be doing an at home spa day tomorrow and testing out these products. I stopped dying my full hair and started doing only the roots, but every summer my hair gets soooo dry and frizzy. Its actually difficult for me to find good hair products that nourish my hair because I was also born with thin, fine hair and most nourishing products are so heavy on my hair and it ends up weighed down and greasy looking. I am hoping this mask works well. I also picked up some Silk Argan Honey oil for damaged hair types.
I also got the entire 2x line which I am not sure even why I bought it besides that it is a new product and the lady was a great sales lady. The line includes synergy mask sheets, an escence, and a face and eye cream.
There was one last impulse by and a sensible buy as well. The impulse buy was Intense care Gold 24k snail essence. The lady told me that this essence is great for fine lines and the under eyes. It is formulated with 20% fermented snail secretion filtrate and 15mg of pure gold.
The last thing that I got from Tony Moly was actually practical. I use Garnier’s micellar cleansing water to remove my eye makeup and liquid lipstick. It works amazingly; however it is harsh on my eyelids and if I regularly use it my eyelids get so dry and crusty. I am not sure if it is just the brand or the formula. I ended up buying no-wash cleansing waters. They were 2 for one and I bought the Tea Tree and the green tea one. I am hoping that these are gentle enough to use on a daily basis.
I only bought 3 items from Etude House 2 primers from their new Fix and Fix line. I bought the pore one and the tone-up one in mint. The mint toned primer is supposed to cover redness and I am always looking for a cheaper dupe for benefits professional primer.

The last item that I bought was Etude House’s Face conditioning cream. You are supposed to apply it before make up and it has SPF25 in it. I am excited to try out this cream during the summer on light make up days!
I hope you enjoyed probably my last big K-beauty haul!

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