Lets Get Summer Ready Haul


Hey Y’all!
     Is everyone else getting excited for summer? I have been using the spring months to drop my winter coat and get summer ready!! Summer always brings back my confidence! My skin always clears up and looks more radiant so I decided to get some lighter summer products to test out.

Summer Makeup:

     All of the make up products that I bought are products that are new to me except the two mascaras that I bought. I have been in love with their mascaras since I first tried them. I repurchased the Mega plush and the falsies flared mascaras in blackest black. They are both amazing not very clumpy The mega plush makes your lashes fuller and the falsies makes your lashes appear super long and the wand separates your lashes.  

     I bought one foundation, one skin tint, and a BB cream. I am a full coverage kind of girl! So these 3 products are uncharacteristic purchases. However, I needed some products for summer. My heavier, full coverage foundations can be a little too much for hot, humid summer days and I do not need as much coverage in the summer. I am not sure what happens in the summer, but my face clears up! I bought two Rimmel products one is the BB cream beauty balm in Light that has SPF 20 in it and the second is currently a little dark for me, but blends out well and will look good when I have a summer glow on. It is the #Insta Flawless perfecting, radiant skin tint with SPF 15 in 006 Light Medium. The last product is a product that I haven’t heard much about. I do not think that it is a new product but there has been so much hype about wet n wild products lately. I bought the Ultimate match foundation with SPF in the lightest shade 852A Ivory.  

     The only high end product that I bought was Becca’s under eye brightening corrector. It is a very light pale pink which is perfect for my skin tone for covering dark circles under the eyes. It is very creamy and light weight and when I tried it out the other night a little went a long way. My under eyes did not crease and looked bright.  

     The last products that I bought are all powdered products for the face. I bought Rimmel’s Golden Sands sculpting palette. I did not realize that the contour shade had shimmer in it. The palette is not very pigmented and all 3 shades have shimmer in it. I wouldn’t use the contour shade to contour my face, but maybe to bronze up the face. I definitely want to see how it looks on the face, but my first impressions I am definitely disappointed. I bought the Coloricon bronzer in Reserve your Cabana by Wet n Wild. This is definitely not a bronzer. It is far too light, but the shade is actually very nice as a natural highlighter for a day time glow. I also bought the Megaglo contour palette in Caramel toffee. I mostly got it to try the banana powder. I think the powder is very soft and blends out well. The contour shade is a little to dark and warm for me for a contour, but I think I could use it as a bronzer. I ended up getting the Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder in Creamy Natural. I have heard so many good reviews on this and have seen it so much on many youtubers channels as one of their holy grail products and I decided to see what the hype is all about. It is very creamy and blends out beautifully. I saved the best for last!!! I bought the Milani baked blush in Luminoso. OMG- this is so beautiful. It is a pink peachy gold and like the name suggests it is very luminous and not glittery. I can’t wait to try it out in a glowy summer look.  

Body Skincare

     I bought 5 products for the body. The first is Jergen’s Skin Firming toning moisturizer for my legs and arms since I am showing more skin during the summer. A Ginger Sugar body scrub by C Booth. I have never heard of this brand before, but I decided to try a body scrub to exfoliate before I fake tan and this brand is cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free, and contains no petroleum or mineral oils. It smells good, but it isn’t a very strong fragrance. Since, I just mentioned it. I did buy the Sublime Bronze Self tanning towelettes in Medium by loreal Paris. I find fake tanning at home very, very intimidating and I really have only sprayed my face and neck with self tanner before. This year I am going to try full body self tanners and I am going to try and perfect the process before going to the beach. To avoid the real sun because I do not tan (I burn!). I got coppertone’s clearly sheer sunscreen spray in 30 SPF. I was a little disappointed that I didn’t buy a higher SPF, but this one is advertised as lightweight and breathable and that it does not clog pores. The last product for my body that I bought is Victoria’s Secret Rocking Body perfecting cream. I am a little disappointed because after applying it I did not look like a super model…haha. But seriously it smells good, but does not do much on my skin. I want to try it over a tan and see if it does more.  

Face Skincare

I bought four products for my face.

     The body shop’s Wonderblur (primer). Honestly, the packaging looked really summery and I bought it on impulse. I am constantly looking for products to smooth out my skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of my pores. It says it is suitable for eye area and that ou can reapply it throughout the day or after moisturizer. I bought a second product from the body shop. The Vitamin C glow boosting moisturizer. Vitamin C is very big in South Korea for skin brightening and fading acne scars and dark marks. It smells good with a faint smell of oranges and it is light weight. So, every time that my room mate gets a new product in the bathroom. I will usually give it a little test. She received the Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion age defying exfoliator in a boxy charm box. This stuff is amazing! I knew that I loved it after the first use. I immediately could tell a difference in my skin. This stuff is just amazing, but very expensive! It is definitely becoming one of my holy grail products my skin is so fresh looking and smooth after using it and a little goes a long way. The last product would definitely be a “Instagram made me buy it product”, Farsali’s Unicorn essence. It smells good and it is sooooo pretty. It has a very glowy sheen to it and I am excited to see how it wears and whether or not it has real skin benefits. It says that it is moisturizing and that it helps the skin appear more youthful and healthy looking.  


     I bought Juicy Couture’s I am Juicy Couture. This is a repurchase. I just finished my bottle of it and this is absolutely my favorite perfume. The packaging is very beautiful and the 3.4 fl oz lasted me almost a year and a half! I wore this about 5 times a week and doused myself in it! Definitely worth the money! The second scent that I bought was Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb. I bought the rollerball because I smelled it in stores and I really liked the scent, but it was $95! The scent is florally with some spic to it and not what I typically wear. But as I walked around with it on I really started to like how it smells on me. I think it is a very sexy scent.
Beauty Tools

     I am really excited to try Loreal’s blend artist infallible foundation blender. I swear by the beauty blender. I do not know why, but there is no other beauty sponge that compares to it. This sponge is the softest sponge that I have felt and feels similar to the beauty blender. I am not sure if I like the shape of it, but I am excited to try it out. I also got the wet n wild powder brush. It is vegan and cruelty free and sooooo soft!  

     The last product for my getting ready for summer haul that I bought is the Crest 3D Professional Effects Whitestrips. They are amazing. I bleach my teeth with them once a year (every summer) and they are well work the money. I get so many compliments on how white my teeth are all year long.
I hope you enjoyed the post. What are your favorite summer products?


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