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     Hey Everyone!!  I just bought some colourpop products for the first time and here is what I thought!

What I bought:

4x Supershock Highlighters in Flexitarian, Lunch Money, Monster, and Stole the Show- $8 each
1x Lip Bundle in Phase 3 (mixed finish lip collection) includes 3 lip colors in Game On (Ultra Glossy Lip), Knotty (Ultra Matte Lip), and Strip (Ultra Satin Lip)- $15
3x Ultra Matte Lips in the Shades Bianca, Creeper, and Viper- $6 each
2x Ultra Metallic Lips in 3-way and Flitter- $6 each
3x Ultra Satin Lips in Dopey, Marshmallow, and Prim- $6 each

Shipping and Packaging:
     The products came in a normal white box, but when you opened it up it was really cute on the inside! Very colorful and cute. I really liked that it came with a little pamphlet. It talks about the company and each individual product and tips on how to apply them. The actual packaging is very normal. Nothing really stands out about them. For the price the packaging is not super flimsy or cheap. It is also very basic and nothing to write home about. All of the lip products have holographic writing on them and silver applicator tops. Each type has a slightly different amount of product. Both the Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin have 3.2g/.11oz of product. The ultra gloss has 2.41g/.09 oz of product. The Ultra Metallic has 2.85g/.10 oz. Here are some common product amount/price comparisons:

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick- .19oz/5.6g $18

Too Faced Melted Matte- .23oz/6.5g $21

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick- .22oz/6.2g $20

Nyx Liquid Suede- .13oz/3.7g $6.99
     The Super Shock Highlighters come in white packaging with a plastic see through top that has Colourpop in silver. The top twists on and the clear packaging makes it easy to see what color is inside. The product has 4.2g and .15 oz of product inside.
Product review and swatches:

[Top to bottom: Game On, Flitter, Viper, Knotty, 3-Way, Dopey, Bianca, Strip, Marshmallow, Prim, and Creeper]

[Top to Bottom/Left to Right: Game On, Flitter, Viper, 3-Way, Knotty, Dopey, Bianca, Strip, Prim, Marshmallow, and Creeper]

     So, first off the products are very affordable which is a big selling point on them. Colourpop is a great way to build up a collection and try out new and different colors without breaking the bank. Swatching these were really difficult (hats off to all of the lip swatchers out there!). The products are really long wearing and stain so removing them and trying on 11 different shades was difficult I had to wipe the product off/scrub my lips between each application and reapply foundation around my lips after each one! Any tips on lip swatching? The formula is not bad at all. I think I prefer the Ultra Satin lips formulation better than the matte, but the matte is very long wearing and did not sit uncomfortable on the lips. I would definitely suggest a lip scrub and hydrating balm before using the products. I have heard a lot of reviews on this product and I did not find them too drying or uncomfortable on my lips. They did show the lines on my lips (but hey I have lines on my lips!). These aren’t my favorite lip products, but I did really enjoy them and I think they are great additions to my lip collection! My favorites were the 2 metallic shades. 3-way looks great by itself and I don’t think the camera did justice to flitter. I would definitely wear flitter over another color. My favorite shades were 3-way (metallic), Dopey (satin), Bianca (matte), Prim (satin), and creeper (matte).  

[ Top to Bottom: Monster, Lunch Money, Flexitarian, and Stole the Show]

     The Supershock highlighters are beautiful! I love the color Flexitarian it is my absolute favorite out of the four followed by Monster. So I actually did not know that it is a creme-powder formula. So, I was confused when I started swatching them. I was like, “OMG, this is the butteriest powder I have ever touched!” Haha, but yes they have a very nice unique texture. I believe that all four of these colors are pearlized finishes (they also have matte and satin finishes). They are pretty glittery. So, mastering the art of application is important. They do emphasize my pores if I bring it too far down on my cheeks. I don’t mind the glitter for night time, but these are definitely not daytime highlighters. They are pretty amazing on the lids, brow bones, and the inner corner of the eyes!
The final word:

     They are excellently priced and have a great color selection. I really liked the lip colors and formula. I think that they need a little prep. So, exfoliating the lips and a balm is important and some of the shades need a lip liner to neaten up the edges. The supershock are beautiful, but very glittery. I think I would only use these at night on the cheeks for a sparkly look, but the ones that I got do not look good as a chin, nose, or forehead highlight and accentuate my GIANT pores. However, they looked great on my lips, inner corners, eyes, and brow bone! I will definitely be ordering more lip products and I want to try out their creme gel eyeliners, pressed powder highlights, and supershock shadows!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review!



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