Spotlight on MAC Cosmetics


Hey everyone! So I am going to do a quick overview of my experience with MAC cosmetics. My first experience with MAC was a good while ago before I moved to Korea at the Mall in Shreveport. I had gone there in search of a foundation for my wedding and I wanted to look flawless! I had never used MAC before and I was a little intimidated coming in. The employees seemed polite, but kind of pushy and I remember that the girl who was color matching me had make up caked on her face. This was before I was an expert makeup shopper. So, I let her color match me in a wrong shade and then felt pressured into buying the Studio tech MAC foundation in NC20. I immediately regretted it and even more so when I stepped out in natural sunlight and saw how terrible it looked on me. (Cakey and dark/too yellow). I did actually hit pan on the product because I was relatively new to the more high end makeup brands and I had spent $34! So, my first impression of the company was intimidating, pushy, caked up employees that can’t color match…until I arrived in Korea and I was at the beach with my roomie. I had my makeup on point…matching cat eyes, red lip stick, and flawless foundation. As we were headed out, I asked to try her fix plus. And lt me tell you everyone was so impressed at how well my makeup stayed on the beach in the sun and in the water. Not a smear or a smudge! I ended up purchasing it and I use it every time I am wearing makeup.  

The second amazing item that I purchased is the Ruby Woo matte lipstick. When initially applying it. I thought it was a little difficult to apply because the lipstick was so dry. I thought that it might break off at any moment and it was just a strange texture! However, once I looked at it and applied it a few times, I realized this is just a true matte lipstick!!! My lips were not dried out using it and did not crack. The color is UHMAZING. Prior to buying it, I looked at numerous google searches of it. I feel like this is a truly universal color and oddly it looks different on different skin tones. I am so in love with this lipstick! When I was recently at the MAC store, I swatched the color Whirl (90’s cult favorite brought back by Kylie Jenner) and I adore the color on darker tan complexions, but didn’t seem to suit my skin tone. I am still on the sidelines for this, but I am definitely looking into more shades to purchase!  Wearing Ruby Woo in the  photo below.

I have been seeing a lot of beauty bloggers talking about the MAC pro long wear paint pots and I swatched about ten of them! They are gorgeous. I ended up getting the color Let Me Pop. It is a coppery coral/orange color with glitter. I couldn’t find it on the MAC website and there are mixed reviews on the product on make up alley. A lot of people do not like the glitter and that it can sheer out. I have yet to use it on my eyes, but I loved the swatch on my hand and my plan for a look on it is a copper smokey eye (used in the center of the eyelid) for a pop of drama and glitter in the summer. I think this color would look amazing with some bronzy monochromatic skin and a sheer gloss. I can’t wait to play with it.  

Lastly, I have been seeing the skin finishes (highlighters) everywhere AND I have a highlighter addiction! I ended up buying doable gleam and show gold in the extra dimension skinfinish line and also soft and gentle in the MAC mineralize line. These are gorgeous. I ended up going to 2 MAC stores because Show gold was sold out and that was the one that I really, really wanted it is advertised as A light peach base with shimmer that shifts from pink to golden peach. It is a very cool and unique color. The other 2 colors are more normal, but gorgeous. Double gleam is champagny and soft and gentle is more bronzy gold. Below is a face swatch of show gold.

Wrapping this up I am in love with everything that I have purchased except for the foundation which was partly my fault for purchasing it even thoughI didn’t really like it.


I now color match my own shades and look at the product in natural light before choosing one. If two colors are really close then I will usually ask the salesperson.
Thanks for reading my post!!


PS: I didn’t do a full look for the face swatches. I just got off work and did not want to do a full face, but I did still want to show the product.

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