K beauty haul: March

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So just a quick K-beauty haul from the last month or so…My first stop Aritaum:

I was actually drawn into the store because of a beautiful lip color add for Color Live lip tints. I am going to be honest they aren’t really what I expected them to be and I haven’t really used them out and about yet. I fell like they would be great for natural looks and a pop of subtle color for work. I am definitely a liquid lipstick girl and from the advertisements they looked like highly pigmented glossy lipstick shades. However, they are patchy and not as an intense color as they were in the ads. When applied as a tint or stain like I think they are intended they are very beautiful. I apply it in a full coat, (they are a nice consistency and not sticky at all) wait a few minutes, and then blot it until its a stain.

Eyeshadow palette:

These colors are very good quality, highly pigmented, and blendable. I build this palette using a fall color layout. All are glittery/shimmery. I have found it difficult to find a wide selection of matte colors at most Korean beauty stores. So for me this is not a stand a lone pallete, but could be used with a matte pallette as the shimmer on the eyelid. The colors are listed below from top L-R:


107- Judy

115- On the Note

117- Grace Beam

72- Mature Burgundy

100- Purple Jazz

The next item is a pore clean blackhead stick from Mamonde. It is the perfect size for travel and I have used it a couple of times probably not long enough to say whether or not it works, but I do know that the texture of the stick is like sand paper and it does not feel good on my skin at all. It actually just rubbed my skin raw.
The last item is the clearline Idol lashes in number 2 petit volume. I have yet to use them but with the clear line they could be used to create a very natural, daytime look.  
The next plsce I stopped was the face shop where I bought the Real blend deep cleansing oil infused with natural dried flowers (wild chrysanthemum). It is advertized as being formulated without five additives (parabens, tar, mineral oil, talc, and sillicone) and is said to be a rich formula that will thoroughly remove makeup and impurities without leaving a reside. I am really excited to try this because I have heard that oil cleansers are amazing for acne prone skin and very hydrating. At the moment I am on the HCG diet and this product olive and soybean oil that I cannot use on my skin until after the diet is over, but I will keep you updated. The next product I got from there are the Jeju Volcanic Lava aloe nose strips. I have heard great things about the volcanic lava line and I am excited to try these out! Almost all of the pore strips that I have tried in Korea work really well!

I only bought one item from Tony Moly…the Timeless Placenta hydrogel mask. Tonight is facial night so I will be using a few new products to include the jeju volcanic lava nose strips and this face mask. I will update you guys on both of these products after my night of skincare!
Etude house was my last stop and I had seen an instagram post from Etude house showing off their new Dear My Glass Tinting lip colors. The one I saw was in Red Swag (RD302). These are estitically really cool because you can buy any of the colors and choose the lip tube that you want. I chose #7 in Yellow Dinosaur. The color is nothing like it is in the instagram post and it goes on very smooth making it bleed. It has no staying power when used alone and tranfers and moves around easily. I would maybe suggest it as a gloss over a lip color to add moustire and sheen, but I can say I was definitly duped by the pretty packaging and Instagram ad. Lastly, I got the My Beauty Tool volume lashes in #4. They are beautiful and the most dramatic out of the line. I am looking forward to wearing them on a glam night. It comes with a little glue that I probably won’t use because the smell is a little overwhelming.  
Some finishing thoughts on k-beauty products…My least favorite products are lip products. Mainly because I am a big liquid lipstick fan and I also like intense lip colors. It is hard or impossible to find these here unless it becomes popular. K-beauty fads are really into lip tints and sheer colors at the moment. Korean skin care products are amazing and usually do exactly what they say they will and most brands have very pigmented eye shadows; however matte shades are like unicorns here. So it is hard to create palettes that you can use stand alone.  
Well I hope you enjoyed my K-beauty haul!


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