February Product Haul

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Hey! It has been a really, really long time since I have blogged! I have not been keeping up with this or my instagram account since I have gotten to South Korea! I really was enjoying it, but I have found it difficult to prioritize and find time to sit down and actually do it. I have a couple of back posts to put up over the next week or so. This post will be about my Febraury purchases and my thoughts on some of them. There are some repurchases in here, skin products, and some items that came in a Wantable subscription box that my husband signed me up for! So lets begin with the list of products shown in the photo and my thoughts on them…1. Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier: This is a repurchase. I am giving it another shot because I had previously used it and I thought it was amazing, but it dried out my eyelids so bad that they were crusting. I decided to get the one for all skin types, even sensitive. To see if this one will still work and not dry out my skin. IT does work very well. I put it on a cotton pad and place it over my closed eyes for about 3 seconds and then rub it off. It takes off all of my makeup in one or two swipes and so far I have not been having any adverse reactions.

2. Egg pore nose pack package by Tony Moly: This is a repurchase as well and I am in love with these! I actually rebought them because my husband had a crazy ammount of black heads on his nose. It is like any other strip. You wet your nose and place it on your nose for 10 or 15 minutes until it is completly dry and then you peel it off. It was sooooo gross because it works so well and pulled out little black heads, dirt, and inpurities from his nose. I also used it because I had a couple and my nose was completly bare of any black heads after the first use.

3. Buried Digda 3 step nose pack by Tony Moly: When buying the egg pore strips I also got these because I wasn’t sure if the egg pore strips would do the job on my husband’s nose. The man who works at Tony Moly suggested this one saying that it would be better for him. It is a three step process and it takes about 45 minutes in total which is why we opted to use the egg pore ones. Looking forward to try this when my husband agrees to putting it on his face for 45 minutes.

4. Instant age rewind concealer in 110 Fair by Maybelline: This is also a repurchase. I think this is a great under eye concealer. The first one that I bought was in the shade light which matched myskin tone well and was great for covering up blemishes and covering dark circles. I purchased the new one in the lightest shades so that I can use it as a brightening under eye concealer/highlighter. The formula is great and does not get cakey or heavily crease under my eye. When my skin is perfectly hydrated and primed and set it does not crease at all.  

5. Lash grip in clear by Ardell: This is also a repurchase. It is my holy grail lash glue. I just bought a new one because I had a couple tubes, but they were pretty old and I felt it probably wasnt a good idea to use an old glue on my eyes.

6. African Black Soap facial wash and scrub by Shea Moisture: I have this is the bar form and you are able to use that one everyday. This scrub is to be used once or twice a week. My skin feels very clean after using this and I must say I really like the african black soap line. It works well when I am consistent with and wash off my make up. It clears up my blemishes, but nothing really helps my hormonal breakouts. I do not like smell of this one because I hate the smell of tea tree oil! But I know that it is good for blemishes so I have even bought a bottle of just tea tree oil.  

7. Activated Charcoal Honey Cleanser by Valley Green Naturals: This is one of four items that came in my Wantable box. I have yet to try it, but it claims to sap dirt and excess oil and is formulated with 5 concentrated active ingredients to include activated charcoal, honey, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. It claims that these activated ingredients will deep clean and leave skin soft and replenished. I am excited to try this out.  

8. Multi Stick from the Face Shop: This stick is a priming stick to smooth pores. I have yet to use it on my face, but I did swatch it on my hand and it is very buttery and put a great shield. I am always looking for something to help smooth, minimize, and cover my pores.

9. Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm by Kiehl’s: I have only been using this product for about a week. It is a really thick balm almost like a butter and it does not have strong smell. I read a lot of good reviews on this before I purchased it. My skin was really chapped and dry because it has been sooooo cold here. My foundation was not looking very flawless because it was sticking to my dry spots and caking up. It did a great job at bringing my skin back to life quickly. It is a balm so it does feel quite heavy. I will opt to use it when I am having very dry skin issues.  

10. Hydroboost watergel is my holy grail moisturizer and is a repurchase. I haven’t been very xonsistent with my skin care lately, but when I use this regularily my skin is baby soft and radiant. The only issue that I really have with this product is that it is soley amazing in the winter and colder months. I tried to wear it in the summer and it did not work out.

11. The Falsies Push Up Angel in Blackest Black by Maybelline: I am actually a pretty big fan of Maybelline mascaras and I have yet to try this one. I am excited because it says that it will push up your lashes for a winged look. I am all about sultry looking lashes and eyes.

12. Play 101 Stick by Etude House: This color correcting stick is in lavender and pink. It is a nice color correcting stick for brightening up your face.

13. Backlight priming filter and aqua luminous perfecting foundation in fair by Becca: OMG this combonitation leaves me with the most lumunois dewey looking foundation. I am obsessed with this combo. Its very light weight and although I love a full, full coverage look. I just love the finish so much It is buildable to a medium/full coverage that with concealer looks completly flawless.

14. Teint Idole 24h makeup in 100 Ivoire by Lancome: I have yet to use this besides color matching it in the store. I was trying to get another foundation from this brand, but I was very disapointed with the color selection for paler tones. The lightest shades in two of their lines were way too dark for me!  

15. Sugar lip scrub by Hanalei: This was the second product in my Wantable box. I have yet to try it, but I am a big fan of lip scrubs since I wear a lot of liquid lipsticks. It has a nice, non over powering smell and is formulated with real Maui sugar crystals and pure kukui nut oil.

The final five products are products that I swatched from top to bottom.

1. Highlighter Beam from the Face Shop: The packaging is cute and the applicator reminds me of a nail polish wand and is almost an exact dupe for Benefit’s High Beam. Almost exactly the same packaging and they are both a lumunois pink that blended right into the other. Now the big difference is the price point if you are looking for the same type of glow as Benefit’s High Beam then you are in for a treat a 13ml bottle of the Face Shop’s highlighter beam is $8.45 on Amazon compared to High Beam which is $26 for the same sized bottle.

2. Mannakadar Beauty’s bronzer and highlighter came in my Wantable box. The packaging is sooooo cheap and there is not a lot of product what so ever I was just wondering how I am going to dip by brush in it to apply it. The detail sheet that came with the Wantable box says that it retails at 21 dollars!! What?! The first swatch of it is the highlight and yes it is a beautiful champagne highlight. I am not a big fan of the bronzer as a bronzer, but it is very pretty and I think it would make a nice pigmented eyes shadow.

3. BR01 Cream eyeshadow in gold with a greenish undertone: Wow I can not tell if it is a cream or just a super buttery powdered eye shadow. The texture is great and the pigment is great as well! The Face shop has some great pigmented shadows!  

4. The next swatch is Tony Moly’s luminous rainbow highlight. It is fricking gorgeous…A lot of people do not like sparkly or glitter highlights, but it is finely milled and I think it is a great highlighter for night time.

5. The last product that I have to talk about is the last product that was in my Wantable box and the last product that I have to talk about. It is Manna Kadar’s lip locked priming lipstick in Karma. Its a great red shade and somewhat sheer. Definitely a product that moisturizes my lips but is not comparable in wear time to liquid lipstick. I would say this is a great daytime shade.
Thank you guys for all tuning in to my post! I am sorry that it is the longest post in history, but I hope it was informative and I have some more great posts coming up.


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