Etude House 


After my adventure in Tony Moly, I went straight across the street to Etude house! There is tons of Kitschy stuff in this store as well as in Tony Moly, but it seemed a little more so in here. They did have hair, face, and cosmetics, but it seemed more focused on cosmetics. The sales woman was extremely helpful despite us having a language barrier. Here I bought mostly cosmetics. One cool thing was they had many pictures of looks and look cards. So, if I saw a product like a lip color or eyeliner in a photo or liked how the models skin was I bought that specific product. Here are the products that I bought:
False Eyelashes in 03 and 04 for Volume
Berry delicious color in liquid lips juicy in RD305 (ultra cute packages and smells/tastes like strawberry!)
Big Cover concealer kit with colors pink bisque, sand and vanilla
Belle Dress pretty look shower cologne (smells exactly like the VS body spray in Love Spell)
Big Cover Concealer BB in Beige with SPF 50+ (it has lip gloss type tip applicator)
Play stick 101 02 vanilla foundation stick
Face Designing Brightener
Play 101 Pencil in # 5 (champagne shimmery color)
Tint my brows gel in #2 Light Brown

Big Cover concealer cushion in Peach Pink
Face Blur primer with SPF 33

2x Dear Darling Tints #2 and #5 in Pink and red
2x Fresh cup modeling masks in strawberry smoothie and blueberry smoothie
3x Dr Ampoule dual mask sheets one for lifting care, one for luminous care, and the other for brightening care
The lady then began loading me up with samples! She included a look card, 4x Hyaluronic acid moisturizing face masks, pink vital water 3 step sample kit, and the cutest make up bag in light pink with miniature strawberries!!
I am loving Korean beauty!



16 comments on “Etude House ”

  1. I love how cute Etude House is. I wish we had an Etude House in my country, however I need to visit Hong Kong some more or visit my goal Seoul. ❤ Great post.

    — Miku

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    1. Where are you from? I have not been to Seoul yet, but I am going sometime this week! There is a whole street of beauty stores! I hope you make it out! Hong kong sounds cool! I have never been!


    1. I will and hair things! I think you would love it out here! I am going to a dog cafe!! You drink your coffee and play with dogs. They also have a cat, raccoon, and sheep one!


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