Korea Update!


 Okay, so it has been FOREVER since I have blogged! I haven’t given up on my dreams, but I have had so much going on. I started a class, we are preparing to move to Korea, and I am actually out working in Korea for three weeks at the moment. So far, it has been a very good and interesting experience. I will give you some of the hightlights of my trip so far and a couple things that I have NOT enjoyed. So from the begginning,I hate being away from my family and I feel guilty for enjoying myself because I would rather be with them; however since I am here I will take adavnatge of the situation.  Secondly, I did not enjoy the looooong flight! We had a short hour long flight to Dallas and from Dallas a one way to Seoul, South Korea. This was the longest flight I have ever taken in my life! The gentleman next to me was able to sleep the ENTIRE flight. This meant that I would have to wait hours to go to the restroom or to get water. I would literally wait until I was on the verge of peeing my pants or dying from thirst to wake him. The stewardess on AA was crusty and RUDE not specifically to me, but to other flyers and to members of her crew. It was quiet off putting. We arrived and it took about 6 hrs for us to get settled in our room. The second horrible thing to rant about is our accommodations. We are basically staying in the old condemned dorms. It is nasty in here ya’ll! The carpeting is horrible, its quiet dirty-I keep running across small pox bandages and I’m pretty sure there is asbestos and lead paint. I hate the time difference (15 hrs) It makes it really hard to talk with my husband and daughter. AND the internet in my room is terrible, but there is decent internet down the hall. The internet should not be a problem when I come out here for real in May. I have heard that South Korea has the fastest and cheapest internet in the world. Now moving in to the good. The food is wonderful! I am a big fan of Korean food and most of it is good spicy! It is not very expensive. Today we went to a place that has a firepit/grill in the center of the table and you cook your own meat it was about 20 dollars with a drink included. As well as sauces, garlic and onions, salad, kimchi, lettuce (to make wraps), and a couple of other Korean sides. Accompanying the meal we had Iced Tea Soju. Soju is a dangerous thing! It mixes well and you can not taste it. It comes alone or in a mix with some Kool aid-esque flavors or in iced tea. I’ve had the iced tea one and a peach one. It is not bad, but one will do the trick! I have also had multiple variations of kimchi. Beef bulgogi for breakfast, fried peppers and shrimp from the street vendors, and bimibab. I am really looking forward to eating new and interesting things! Next the people are very great-they are helpful and kind. In most establishments they really cater to you and make sure you have a great experience. There is no personal space here! Next, there is a Crossfit gym here! I am doing the open and was able to do 16.1 before I left and I was able to get judged and do 16.2 here! In my next post I will tell you about my experience at Tony Moly and Etude!!!

Update: I also went to Suwon over the weekend to their mall!

Highlights: They have a giant food court with tons and tons of different things to try on the first floor of the mall and I had some amazing fresh pineapple and orange juice. I found an arcade and sang some karaoke in a booth (3 songs for a dollar!), boxed a dummy (I didn’t make it to the second round), and I bought these super cute terry cloth head bands to keep my hair out of my face while I do my make up! This weekend we are going to Seoul and on a hiking trip. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

2 comments on “Korea Update!”

  1. I love to hear about your adventures. I also love that teddy bear pastry I saw. Yum! Can’t wait for you to get back so that I can go through your purchases 🙂

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    1. Mama we will have to go through my purchases for you 😜 is there any type of skin problems that you have or want to prevent? There are many things to try i can get you a nice skin regime


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