Wiggin’ Out

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I was cursed with thin hair and then I have over processed it since I was about 12 years old.  I try and grow it out, but seriously look like Kurt Cobain.  So, I have tried clip in extentsions (but my hair is so thin that you can see the clips) and I have looked into multiple types of hair extensions, but dang are they expensive!  Not only that some of them can ruin your hair and I am in the military so they need to be very good quality, applied well, and I must be able to put it up in a bun that does not look super crazy.  So I have just dealt with my hair.  I have been getting regular trims and trying not to bleach or change my hair color too often.  I am working on growing it out into a long bob.  BUTTTTT yesterday I passed by a wig store and I think that I AM OBSESSED!  I ended up buying two of them a short black bobbed bang and a long brown and blonde ombré curly wig!  They are gorgeous and honestly I got a very good deal on them.  Now I just need the courage and confidence to wear them out!  I may just begin building a collection lol What do you think??  




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